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Since the first Summit in 2018, the Creative Placemaking Summit has grown to be a pivotal event for those in the field of creative placemaking, serving as the platform for industry leaders, innovators, experts and peer-to-peer opportunities to share knowledge, insights, and best practices. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, the Summit has continually evolved to address the ever-changing landscape of creative placemaking by fostering a community of professionals dedicated to advancing the industry and ensuring its sustainable growth.

About the South and Appalachian Creative Placemaking Summit 

Co-produced by Creative Placemaking Communities and South Arts, the South and Appalachian Creative Placemaking Summit is the preeminent gathering of creative placemaking professionals in the southern region. With over 40 sessions, experiences, tours and performances throughout the three-day Summit, attendees came away with innovative and effective approaches to placemaking, with an emphasis on arts and culture ecosystems. Both urban and rural projects throughout the Southeast were represented through peer-to-peer panel discussions, tours performances, special activations, and workshops. Attendees of the 2024 Summit included visual and performing artists, planners, urban designers, architects, arts administrators and community and economic development professionals.

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