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The Creative Placemaking Leadership Summits are important for the development of ideas, relationships, and projects in the field, and all around the country. They allow people from all disciplines and geographies to meet with peers, get ideas and make connections that will benefit the entire field for years to come. But we can’t, in good conscience, invite only those who can afford it. We risk continuing the echo chambers we so often see in our news and social media. When creating a diverse and dynamic conversation around building communities through arts and cultural programming, it’s critical to have better, and deliberate representation. People from rural areas, poor and working class people, LGBTQ folks and people of color are currently underrepresented at our summits and we want everyone’s voice at the table. Help us get them there. Everyone needs more artists in their lives. They provide not only hands-on knowledge of tools and techniques, but a creative outlook on processes and collaboration. Grassroots advocates and leaders of tomorrow voice the challenges and opportunities of communities. People of color, native, and immigrant communities support the diversity of stories that are the very foundation for the field of creative placemaking. 

The average registration cost ranges from $200-$300 for our summits. People flying or driving in from a distance, can incur travel costs can range anywhere from $500-$1000 per person, and this is out of reach for many of the people described above. 

We have developed a scholarship program to help subsidize these costs.




You can donate funds to help get more people to join this rich conversation. We are currently accepting donations of the following sizes to help defray the costs. These are ways in which you can help. Donations are limited to these amounts at this time. 


One-time Donation: $50, $100, $200

These multiple donations will be added to an ongoing fund that will provide partial registration scholarships to students, independent artists, or members of underserved communities. 

Registration Donor: $300

Pay for someone else’s full registration.

Travel Donor: $1000

Sponsor the registration costs of one person and cover their travel to the summit (includes flight and hotel). We will thank you with a full-page advertisement for your organization in our program. 

Fellowship Donor 

This is a yearly recurring donation to help cover registration and/or travel for one or more people. You will have the opportunity (if desired) to help decide on stipulations (i.e., artists that are women of color, LGBTQ folks, community members from low-income neighborhoods, etc.). 

Other Options

Looking to send a specific group of individuals directly? Learn how to partner with NCCP to make your own CPL Scholarship program successful and impactful. Email for more.