2020 Pacific Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit,

Anchorage, Alaska May 14-15




At the Creative Placemaking Leadership Summits, we believe in a diversity of voices from all backgrounds, geographies, sectors, and experience levels. Our working groups consist of various leaders in the field from a given region. We believe that participant-centered, hands-on sessions are critical to building the field of creative placemaking.

Please submit a proposal to be an instructor or facilitator at any summit below. More applications will open up over time, so check back soon

Once submissions are received, they are first reviewed by our Working Group. This committee consists of leaders in the field from across the respective region. They will read each proposal and score it based on a set of criteria. We look for sessions that are…​


  • Participants of the summits all have something to bring to the table. Our sessions should be about guiding participants towards their goals within their communities, not simply sharing experiences and knowledge from the viewpoint of the instructor. 


  • We use the terms “instructors” and “facilitators,” rather than “speakers” for those leading the summits. All of our sessions should engage the participants, utilizing multiple educational techniques. These should reach further than a PowerPoint and time for Q+A. 


  • Each session should do more than merely state what an organization has done in the field. There should always be some type of takeaway that the participants can use in their communities. It’s important that each session have an engaging component that draws upon the ideas, stories, and experiences of everyone in the room. 


  • We believe that stories are the foundation of this work. Sharing your experiences should reflect local culture, traditions, and ideals. These sessions should honor past and existing people and places, while engaging and uplifting future generations.


  • Much like ecosystems, diversity enhances the resiliency of a community or process by offering many solutions to a challenge. The instructors and sessions of the CPL Summits should reflect the communities they are addressing. As such, it is important that sessions are lead by people who reflect diversity of age, gender, race, ethnicity, class, profession, artistic genre, ability, and socio-economic background. Where possible, the people and case studies used in these sessions should be representative of the communities they serve. 


Once the planning committee scores each session, the NCCP staff will sort through the scores and propose a drafted agenda. This draft is based on the feedback from the working group, logistics (room availability, times, etc.), our values (stated above), and overall narrative experience for the participants. This draft will be presented to the committee once again for edits and eventual approval. Note that NCCP has the final say in the content of the summit.


If a session is approved, the session organizer will be notified for that particular proposal with time slots and discounts for registration. Note that there is a possibility that the committee will request to combine or alter the format of a proposed session . Once the accepted instructors have confirmed their attendance, all other submissions will be notified if their proposal was not selected by the committee.




These are short presentations (7-10 minutes) with the purpose of sharing innovative thinking, research, and practices in creative placemaking. The Working Group will pair accepted presentations in groups of 3-4 in a Peer Exchange, Plenary, or Coffee Conversation. All three of these session formats vary in audience size and time allotted, but each is rooted in sharing stories of successful (or not successful) creative placemaking initiatives. 


These are 90-minute, hands-on sessions that engage about 30-50 individuals in building their creative placemaking capacity. Training Sessions must be interactive in nature and have a clear deliverable with tools and techniques for participants to take away. Limited to 2 instructors. Note that workshops are presented twice at the summit. 


180 minute, off-site workshops that tour and engage with surrounding areas of the Summit venue. The group will be between 10-20 attendees. Time includes travel to and from location (typically no more than 30 minutes). Limited to 2 instructors. NCCP will work with groups to provide travel if needed. Available for certain days within the Summit (see RFP for details). 


Summit participants are eager to learn about new thinking and analysis in the creative placemaking field.  We invite you to submit a proposal to present and facilitate a conversation on your book, research-based scholarly article, a report prepared for an institution (such as an arts agency), doctoral dissertation, master's thesis, or capstone for the Certificate in Creative Placemaking program . The presentation should be based on research conducted within the last three years.  It has to be published within the past two years, or be a forthcoming document. You can also submit a proposal to moderate a roundtable conversation on research conducted by others. In this case, please identify the researchers and the research projects they will be discussing. For questions about this type of session, please contact NCCP Executive Director Leonardo Vazquez, AICP/PP at



Training Session / Field Workshop Organizers: 50% off discount 
Case Study / Additional Presenters: 25% off discount 


Discounts are awarded to individuals who participate in instructional content for sessions only. These cannot be combined with other offers.  

Paid fees will go towards food, venue, materials, and administrative costs to attend the event. 

Instructor Policies

Creative Placemaking Leadership Summits are designed for civic and cultural leaders, influencers, and decision-makers who want to strengthen communities through creative placemaking. Our aim is to inform, inspire, and offer opportunities for lasting connections. Good summit instructors and facilitators are more than just smart about what they teach and discuss:  They want to be part of a community of creative placemakers who continually learn from each other. To this end:

Session organizers are expected to register for the Summit, however, session instructors and panelists are welcome to attend only their own session free of charge. We generally do not provide stipends to session organizers, instructors, or panelists selected through the RFP process.  We may make some stipends available on a case-by-case basis to help certain individuals offset costs of participating in their session.  We also provide substantial discounts (see above) for session organizers, instructors, or panelists.  Please direct any questions to Erica Henderson-Smith, NCCP Operations Manager, at

All organizers of accepted sessions must confirm their participation within three (3) days of their receiving a notice of acceptance.  This acceptance email typically comes within two weeks of the RFP deadline.

Session organizers or instructors who miss scheduled meetings or fail to meet deadlines three times may have their session cut and replaced with another session.  This is about professional courtesy and respect for us and participants.  Our fellow creative placemakers need time to decide whether to participate in a CPL Summit.  Delays and missed deadlines ultimately diminish the experience for participants and the other instructors who DO meet their deadlines. 

We will do as much as we can to support you so that you have an outstanding session.   Every session in a CPL Summit is a collaboration among everyone involved -- organizers, instructors, and facilitators.  Good collaboration depends on a shared sense of trust, respect, and care.

Intellectual property (such as content, designs, etc.) that anyone outside of NCCP creates for our Summits, workshops, webinars, Certificate program, or another continuing education program we produce is the property of the author.  If we want to reprint, repost, share or otherwise distribute the content outside of the event for which it was created, we will ask the copyright owner for the right to do so. This ownership right does not extend to content that is in the public domain or freely available to the public, such as public data from the Census Bureau.

Board Chair: Colleen Finnegan Kahl

Founding Director: Leonardo Vazquez, AICP/PP

28 Valley Road

Montclair, NJ 07042


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