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The Creative Placemaking Leadership Summits provide influential discussions, hands-on workshops, and networking events to people from around the country, who are interested in building their communities through arts and cultural programming. Throughout our two or three day summits, we provide the platform the cross-pollination of ideas, disciplines, and cultures to come together and learn from one another in a creative, friendly, and positive atmosphere. Everyone is encouraged to share ideas and learn from one-another. We believe that while not one person knows everything, everyone knows something and should contribute to the building of this rapidly growing field.  

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Starting as a singular summit in New Jersey from 2015-2017, we’ve expanded our reach to all corners of the continental US: the West, South+Appalachia, Pacific, Northeast, and Midwest. CPLS also offers a National Summit at the end of its season, to provide a rich national dialogue oriented towards local impact. We aim to attract at least 1,500 key influencers to these summits, this year alone. Our planning teams consist of more than a dozen state agencies, regional arts organizations, universities, and influential nonprofit organizations.



Since 2014, more than 2,600 people – many of them community leaders, public officials and organizational decision-makers -- have participated in our Creative Placemaking Leadership Summits.  In 2018, the National Endowment for the Arts provided the means to expand our scope to regions across the United States. The Leadership Summit attracts a wide range of professionals. These include elected and public officials, developers, representatives of foundations, community and economic development professionals, urban planners and designers, leaders of cultural organizations and, of course, artists and other creative professionals. ​We bring them together with recognized experts and leaders, such as Jane Golden of the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program,

Jamie Bennett of ArtPlace America, Regina Smith of the Kresge Foundation, and more.

Surveys show that more than 90% of Leadership Summit and Knowledge Exchange participants enjoy the events, learn a great deal, and make good connections.  Creative placemaking is a growing field in the United States. More than 1,400 communities are engaged in creative placemaking, with support from more than a dozen grant-makers and government agencies.  NCCP is a leading convener and thought leader in this field.  We have more than 10,000 subscribers around the United States, many of which are eager to hear more about our sponsors. 

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We hope you would consider sponsoring an event.  We offer exhibit tables for $500 and sponsorship levels ranging from $1000 for individual support to $20,000 (exclusive title sponsor).  All provide good promotion for your organization and at least one free admission to a Summit. (Please see the attached rate card for more information.)

Please consider sponsoring the Creative Placemaking Leadership Summits. Together, we engage with arts and cultural programming to build a more connected, community-oriented, and enriched America.

Yellow Mountain Graphic

Title sponsor of the two-day event, BRAND ON LOGO

CPL Regional Summit logo to include your organization’s logo

Anything that is branded will include your logo

Two-day exhibit table

Table with chairs to place literature and promotioinal items

access to attendedee traffic

table hours from registration commencement until final plenary

Color, full page ad on back of program

5 minutes to speak at plenary session

6 summit passes, plus the sponsorship of two people who couldn’t afford to attend



Blue mountain graphic

Lunch Sponsor; Branding at the meal 

Max of two of this sponsor level per summit

Help select what is served

Option to sponsor the evening function for $15,000

5 minutes to speak at lunch 

Two-day exhibit table

Full page black and white program ad

4 summit passes, plus the sponsorship of someone who couldn’t afford to attend



Red mountain graphic

Two-day exhibit table

Full page black and white program ad

Digital banner on the CPLS website for two months (6,000+ views)

We will hand each guest one of your brochures or handouts at check-in 

3 summit passes, plus the sponsorship of someone who couldn’t afford to attend



Green mountain graphic

Two-day exhibit table

½ page black and white program ad

Digital banner on the CPLS website for one month (3,000+ views)

2 summit passes



Blue mountain graphic

One-day exhibit table

½ page black and white program ad

1 Summit Pass





Looking for more ways to reach out to the creative placemaking community? Our exhibit tables are featured prominently at each of our summits. We have over 200 leaders in the field at each of our summit, from all sectors and states, many of whom are executive directors of organizations. 


For $500, your organization can get a two-day, 6-foot exhibit table at your choice of a summit to display flyers, posters, etc. about your organization. Does not include ad in program or ticket to summit. 



Want to get your brand and advertisement into the hands of hundreds of creative placemaking leaders? Then our program ads are the right fit for you!

Full-page (8.5'' x 5.5'', portrait), black & white ad = $500

Half-page (4.25'' x 5.5'', landscape), black & white ad = $250

Quarter-page (4.25'' x 2.25'', portrait), black & white ad = $125

Other Sponsorship Types Available


Based on Availability - First Come, First Served

Lanyard Sponsor (~ $2000) - Put your company’s name and logo on the lanyards 

Entertainment Sponsor  (~$1000) - Pick and sponsor the entertainment, include your branding. Subject to approval by the host committee, but you get to help in selecting who is performing at our evening function.

Drink Sponsor (~$3000) - Have your logo on plastic cups or napkins at the bar, host one drink per person 

Swag Sponsor (~$1000) - Donate a bag and swag (1 per person) 

Field Workshop Sponsor (~$700) - Donate a bus or van for one of our mobile workshops. Includes ad in program. 

Other Donations - If you are interested in donating something (time, resources, materials, or money) that you’re not finding here, please reach out to us so we can discuss a package that fits your needs. We are appreciative of every gift we receive and would like to work with you!

Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit Lanyards

More than 1,600 people (from 48 states +D.C., AS, and other countries) have visited our summits since 2015



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"We are thrilled that the National Endowment for the Arts is supporting the Creative Placemaking Leadership Summits and the vital exchange of skills and expertise happening in each. That's what the Our Town Knowledge Building program is all about;

building a learning cohort around creative placemaking so that cities and towns of all types across the U.S. are well positioned to infuse arts, culture, and design strategies into community development work."


Katherine Bray-Simons

Our Town Specialist

National Endowment for the Arts



To sponsor one or more Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit, please contact

Executive Director Leonardo Vazquez

973-763-6352 x1



In order to promote sole practitioners, nonprofits, and minority- and/or women-owned businesses, we are offering discounts on the above sponsorships.

Available for Mesa, Ridge, and Peak sponsorships only (see above).

 50% OFF 

Solo Practitioners 

Nonprofits below $100,000 Budget

 25% OFF 

Minority- and/or Women-owned Businesses (with fewer than 10 employees)

Nonprofits up to $250,000 budget

 15% OFF 

Minority- and/or Women-owned Businesses (with 10 employees or more)

Other Nonprofits



Municipalities that would like to show off their creative placemaking projects may purchase a table for a deep discount if at least one staff member attends the respective summit (ticket sold separately).