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These sessions cover a wide variety of placemaking (or, if you prefer, placekeeping) topics: community engagement, cultural preservation, local economic development, professional sustainability, social justice, technology, youth engagement and more.


Opening Plenary:

Brooke Hansson 

Jersey City Mural Arts Program

Office of Cultural Affairs

City of Jersey City

Over the past seven years, the Jersey City Mural Arts Program has engaged about  more than 100 high school age residents to create and paint murals around the city.  The program does more than help them learn how to paint murals -- it also allows them to explore key issues affecting young people, their friends and relatives in this dynamic city.  Hear from artists and others involved in this program about what they learned from participants, and get a deeper understanding of Jersey City.

Closing Plenary:

Sarah Merritt, Director of Pennsylvania Creative Communities & Creative Economy

Mary Eileen Fouratt, Program Officer, Access Coordinator, New Jersey State Council on the Arts

Leeann Wallett, Program Office, Community Engagement, State of Delaware

Ann Dickson, CEO, Creative Placemaking Communities

Join Cultural Program Directors across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic for a lively conversation about creative placemaking initiatives in the region. Hear about their plans, programs, successes, challenges and how they are integrating arts and culture in their respective states.

Colorful Lights

In-Person Sessions

Nourishing Communities: The Role of Food in Shaping Sense of Place

Making Touchstones: Building Community Through Making Art

Preventing Cultural Gentrification

The Role of Social Entrepreneurship in Creative Placemaking

Art + Information + Conversation = Social Change

Sowing Reciprocity: Emulating Nature’s Approach to Collaboration and Organizational Strategy

Cultural Displacement: When and How to Manage Gentrification

Expanding Your Research Toolkit: A Peer-to-Peer Method Exchange

We Are Storytellers

Cultural Displacement: When and How to Manage Gentrification

Expanding Your Research Toolkit: A Peer-to-Peer Method Exchange

We Are Storytellers

Investing in Creative Placemaking as Builder of Equitable Ecosystems

Preventing More Flooding through Creative Placemaking

Addressing Gentrification in Journal Square

Food Sovereignty: Bringing the Garden State to All

Creative Placemaking as Engagement

Hudson County Community College: The Arts and Community

Virtual Sessions

The Power and Beauty of Community Collaboration in Creating Public Art for Place and Peacemaking

The New Schoolfield: Understanding the Past to Craft a Vibrant Future

Turning Your Public Space Stars Into a Constellation

Theater of Joy: Renaming a Park and Reckoning with a Legacy

Mental Landscapes: How Park and Public Space Design Can Reflect the Experiences of People Living with Depression to Foster Healing and Belonging

Cultural Planning: The Notion, Origin, and Recent Practices and Trends

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