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Submit a Proposal

Session proposals are due January 23, 2023. 


You can submit a proposal for a session lasting 60 to 90 minutes on any topic related to creative placemaking.   However, our reviewers are especially interested in proposals around these topics:


1. Cultural planning | cultural district and public art planning | creating cultural community hubs

2. Identifying and choosing collaborators | Managing collaborations

3. Environmental issues

4. Financing public art and creative placemaking

5. Government involvement in creative placemaking

6. Doing research on community issues

7. Housing 

8. Inclusivity and accessibility

9. Fundraising

10. How to get into the creative placemaking field



All sessions selected will focus on at least one of these five areas:

*Partnerships -- Sessions can focus on collaborations, alliances, community engagement, or similar topics

*Projects -- Planning, designing, dealing with problems or mistakes, impacts, or similar topics

*Programs -- Similar to projects, but more focused on the sustainability of ongoing work

*Policies -- Laws, guidelines or value systems at local, state or federal levels

*Permanence -- Fundraising, capacity building, self-care and other topics focused on sustaining creative placemaking and creative placemakers.


The more topic areas you can cover in your session proposal, the more likely it is to be selected.


If your session is selected, you (or your organization) will get:

*For an online session of at least 60 minutes, an honorarium of $100, a complementary ticket to the online portion of the Summit for each of the session presenters/trainers/speakers (up to 4 people total), and a 50% discount on the in-person portion of the Summit

*For an in-person session, an honorarium of $250, a complimentary ticket to the online portion of the Summit, and a 50% discount on the in-person portion of the Summit.  (There is no charge if you participate only in your own session.)

*Up to 1 hour in coaching in instructional design or strategic communications.


Sorry, but we do not have funding for travel stipends at this time.

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