We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit that believes creative placemaking can make sustainable, prosperous, equitable, inclusive, and resilient places. We build connections, capacity, and community in the field. We bring people from all walks of life together through webinars, summits, and trainings. We strive to influence the levers of power in communities.




ACTIVATE community members and leaders to leverage public, private and individual talent and resources to help build creative, sustainable, livable, prosperous, vibrant, and just communities;


HELP community members and leaders learn to access the talent, tools, and information needed to nurture creativity and innovation in their neighborhoods, towns, cities, or regions;


BUILD and strengthen the new field of creative placemaking by promoting a shared sense of purpose, promoting high standards of ethics and practice, and equipping creative placemakers with better skill sets;


FORGE stronger connections among the disparate individuals, groups, organizations, government entities and influencers that collectively advance and build creative places; and


DEVELOP  a deeper well of knowledge about creative placemaking and creative placemakers.




NCCP was created in December 2012 in the Newark, New Jersey area. We have served thousands of people around the United States through our educational and leadership programs, and dozens of municipalities in Louisiana and New Jersey through our technical assistance and community leadership development programs.  We work with more than 70 partners from a wide variety of government, educational, nonprofit and business organizations. Our work has supported by national, state, regional and local grantmakers – from the National Endowment for the Arts to the Greater Kanawha Valley Community Foundation.





Creative placemaking happens when artists and arts organizations join their neighbors in shaping their community’s future, working together on place-based community outcomes. It’s not necessarily focused on making places more creative; it’s about creatively addressing challenges and opportunities. Success is measured in the ways artists, formal and informal arts spaces, and creative interventions have contributed toward community outcomes.  We believe creative placemaking at its best is locally defined and informed and about the people who live, work, and play in a place. ​


For more on creative placemaking, please read Creative Placemaking by Ann Markusen and Anne Gadwa (Nicodemus) and Creative Placemaking: Integrating Community, Cultural and Economic Development by Leonardo Vazquez